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Integrity and Compliance

Our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct

A Guideline to doing the right thing.

Only those who act responsibly will be successful in the long term. Our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct provides us with guidance for our actions: The policy sets out clearly which rules apply to every single one of us and which principles we follow. In short, it helps us to make the right decisions.


Principles for all who keep the world moving

Our four “Purpose Principles” are the heart of our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct. They sum up how we want to work together and are the basis for the actions of our employees: 


What we mean by behaving the right way

We comply with laws, internal and external rules, agreements with employee representatives and trade unions, and voluntary commitments. In addition, we act according to our corporate values and listen to our inner compass.

However, what exactly do we mean by behaving the right way? For us at Daimler Truck, behaving the right way means:

- We manage our work sustainably.
- We stand for our responsibility towards people, the environment and society
- We act ethically and in a legally responsible manner. 
- We respect and follow the rules. 
- We address issues openly and create transparency
- We consider fairness and respect as the foundation for our cooperation. 
- We practice diversity and learn from each other.


A few examples of our behavior guidelines

Diversity, Equal Opportunities and Inclusion:
Diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion are part of our Daimler Truck corporate strategy, which addresses conscientiously handling diversity and individuality.

Health and Safety:
The health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees take the highest priority at Daimler Truck.

Product Safety and Compliance with Technical Regulations:
The quality of our products is one of the highest priorities for us at Daimler Truck. 

Intellectual Property Protection:
Our patents are some of the most important resources of Daimler Truck and must be protected.

Corruption Prevention:
We do not give or take bribes.

Environmental Production:
We strive to achieve exemplary environmental and energy performance worldwide.

Respecting and Safeguarding Human Rights:
We are strongly committed to respect and safeguard human rights and we expect the same from our business partners throughout the value chain. 

Donations and Sponsorships:
We consider corporate success to be inseparable from social responsibility. 

Gifts and Invitations:
When dealing with business partners and customers, gifts and invitations are common practice and permitted within appropriate limits.

Handling Data:
Digitalization is creating new opportunities that we at Daimler Truck want to benefit from responsibly.

A complete overview of all our behavior guidelines is available for download belowDaimler Truck Code of Conduct.


SpeakUp @Daimler Truck Whistle Blower System

To strengthen the speak up culture, we are proud to announce the renaming of the worldwide whistleblowing system from Business Practices Office (BPO) to “SpeakUp”.

The whistleblowing system SpeakUp is an advancement of our previous trusted BPO process.

It ensures the highest confidentiality and guarantees an independent process at all times. It attaches importance to fairness in dealing with both people who report a rule violation and employees affected by an allegation. Within the protected SpeakUp platform, all employees can contact our whistleblowing system SpeakUp in encrypted form.

The whistleblowing system SpeakUp classifies reports received according to the risk posed to the company and its employees. Violations posing a major risk include, for example, corruption, antitrust and money laundering offenses, severe violations in connection with engineering specifications and/or technical safety as well as severe cases of sexual harassment, discrimination and racism. For a listing of all major risk violations that fall under SpeakUp's area of responsibility, please refer to our Treatment of Violations Policy A 31.

 If you observe or suspect rules or regulations being violated do not hesitate to address it. Your manager, the responsible HR department, the employee representatives, social counseling, the colleagues in the Legal and Compliance department and the central whistleblowing system SpeakUp are available to you for this purpose.


How do I reach SpeakUp@Daimler Truck?