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Available in our TruckStore network: the Arocs from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The Arocs combines power, robustness and efficiency in a unique way and impressively continues the more than 110-year-old tradition of Mercedes-Benz Trucks construction vehicles.

The Arocs – smart and safe in construction haulage

The Arocs has a number of important tasks to complete: to combine the demands of practical use with maximum reliability; to provide a truck that always runs smoothly, even under extreme conditions and in difficult terrain; and to keep you safe on the road. In other words, to perfectly represent the "Trucks you can trust" slogan. The sturdiness and resilience of the Arocs are shown in particular in its operations-oriented cab. That's why the Arocs not only features a highly resistant cab bodyshell, but also a strong, athletic design.

The Arocs from 18 to 41 tonnes.

Never before has the vehicle range been so extensive and a truck so well-tailored to the needs of its customers. Thanks to a multitude of technical measures, it is uncompromising, robust and designed for even the toughest construction site assignments, Plus it also offers especially high stability and great load-bearing capacity. Regardless of the body with which it is equipped, both the on-road and all-wheel-drive variants of the Arocs provide an exceptionally robust heavy-duty truck for every challenge – a truck that is particularly well-equipped for use in construction site operations. 

The Arocs was designed for the construction industry and is available as a semitrailer tractor vehicle, platform truck, cement mixer and tipper. It is suitable not only as an on-road vehicle but is equally impressive as an all-wheel-drive version for off-road use. With numerous engine and cab variants available, the model is also available as a heavy-duty semitrailer tractor unit in the form of the Arocs SLT.

Weight and output of the Arocs

The permissible gross vehicle weight of the two-axle Mercedes-Benz Trucks Arocs is 18 t and that of the off-road four-axle variant is 41 t. Depending on the engine, body and equipment variant, the unladen weight of the Arocs ranges from approx. 8 to 17.3 t. The all-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz Trucks Arocs 4151 AK 8 x 8 weighs in at a proud unladen weight of 17.3 t. This leaves a payload of 14.7 tonnes.

There are numerous engine variants available for the Arocs, ranging from 238 hp (175 kW) to 625 hp (460 kW). A high torque level is ensured by the 6-cylinder in-line engine with exhaust gas turbocharging and charge-air cooling. A particularity here is that this high torque level is available from a low engine speed barely above the engine's idling speed. The torque generated ranges from 1000 to 3000 Newton metres for displacements from 7.7 to 15.6 litres.

Connectivity and Multimedia Cockpit

Excellent connectivity and features such as the new MirrorCam and electronic parking brake make driving and working in the truck as convenient and comfortable as can be. 

The Multimedia Cockpit of the Arocs, consisting of two digital displays, replaces the classic instrument cluster and supplements the switch control panel in the dashboard. The high-resolution primary colour display behind the steering wheel clearly shows all the vehicle information plus driving and operating statuses. In addition, pop-up windows can give the driver warnings, and up to ten messages can be configured. The pop-ups consist of a symbol and an information text. 

Efficiency and reliability

Following the principle of reducing costs at all levels and maximising efficiency, the Arocs brings together what belongs together: safe, fuel-saving vehicle technology, better yields, with enhanced safety and high vehicle utilisation at the same time. Low fuel consumption contributes significantly to economic performance. The standard Euro VI engines ensure the extended service life of many components, lower repair and maintenance costs and particularly economical use of this broad product range. 

In construction haulage, the Arocs further extends your lead by meeting the most stringent quality standards for daily work in the building industry with the highest degree of reliability. With the Arocs, you get a truck that delivers excellent performance even in the most arduous conditions and on rough terrain.

Cab and interior

When it comes to the interior, too, the Arocs increases working convenience and comfort and shows itself to be a modern truck in construction haulage. Exemplary ergonomics, high functionality and many practical details, as well as the seats and additional optional equipment such as the StyleLine and TrendLine, make the tough job easier. This optional equipment with trim elements in aluminium look lend the Arocs an even more stylish, modern, ambience, while the TrendLine imparts a warm and extremely homely atmosphere with its wood-look trim elements.

Naturally, the seats fit in perfectly here thanks to the intuitive arrangement of the controls, the especially wide seat cushions and the exceptionally large adjustment range. And the individually expandable storage concept ensures more order and efficiency in the truck and makes for easy handling.

The cockpit is available in three different variants with multifunction steering wheels, the PowerShift 3 automated gearshift system and an expansive range of wide, comfortable seats which provide a high level of driving and working comfort.

What makes the Arocs so robust and economical?

Loading capacity, functionality and ruggedness are part of the basic make-up of the Arocs and are all perfectly combined with one another. This can be seen in the ribbed exterior mirror housings as well as in the radiator grille in bucket-tooth design. The ruggedness of the Arocs, however, is also quite tangible: most notably in the comfort cab suspension which eases the load on the driver even under the great strain of off-road terrain and in the three-piece bumper with steel corners which protect the headlamps against damage. The Arocs also directly protects individual components with steel-sprung vehicles being equipped with such features as a protective plates for the radiator, engine and main tank, or the steel protective headlamp grille and a cover to protect major assemblies from bulk materials.

Tangible dynamism, simple handling and low consumption are the hallmarks of the PowerShift 3 automatic transmission system. It ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and outstanding economy. Additional functions such as direct shifting from 1st to R, the rocking-free mode and fast-ratio reverse gears ensure easy manoeuvring and well-suited gear selection The two types of frame (one with a narrow frame track of 744 mm and the other with an 834 mm frame track) ensure that the Arocs can make full use of all the benefits in on-road operation, but at the same time that it can always performs convincingly in light off-road conditions.

What makes the Arocs so effective?

Strong pulling away characteristics and robust engines with advanced, particularly efficient Euro VI technology. Plenty of engine power and the PowerShift 3 automatic gearshift that impresses with high ride comfort, precise gear selection, efficient power transfer and better handling. The particularly durable 6-cylinder in-line engines ensure that all performance requirements in construction haulage are fully covered. What's more, the three-stage, wear-free continuous brake delivers a braking output of up to 480 kW, while the three-stage engageable braking system reduces the wear on the service brakes and makes the Arocs particularly safe, simultaneously also increasing vehicle control.

What makes the Arocs so efficient and economical?

Reliable, fuel-saving vehicle technology, low cost and high yield. The Arocs combines this with high safety and high vehicle utilisation. The Arocs is powered by Euro VI engines, which are characterised by low fuel consumption. Intelligent auxiliary consumers, consumption-reducing drive programs and fine-tuned aerodynamics, help keep consumption down. The enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control system additionally supports a particularly efficient, fuel-saving driving style in the Arocs. The broad range of operations-oriented rear-axle ratios and transmissions ensure short shift times. The additional auxiliary consumers (e.g. the demand-controlled compressed air control and power steering pump) further reduce fuel consumption and thus overall costs. 

The Arocs Loader and the Arocs Grounder

For especially high payloads and for extreme loads. With the Arocs Loader and the Arocs Grounder, you have two construction specialists at your disposal that excel where it counts: on the construction site.

Arocs Loader

In the Arocs Loader, all the possibilities for reducing the vehicle's own weight have been consistently exploited. The consequence: payload-optimised 4x2 tractor units and 8x4/4 cement mixers. Both with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 32 tonnes.

Arocs Grounder

The Arocs Grounder has been developed for demanding operations under extreme conditions. Thanks to a multitude of technical measures, it is uncompromisingly and robustly designed for the toughest of construction site operations and therefore has a particularly high stability and load-bearing capacity. With an Arocs, you'll ahead of the game in terms of stability and load-bearing capacity: as a semitrailer tractor vehicle, platform truck, cement mixer or tipper for particularly heavy-duty tasks. The basis for the robustness of the Arocs Grounder is its sturdy frame made from cold-worked, high-strength fine-grained steel with longitudinal members measuring 9 mm in thickness. 

Advantages at a glance


  • Robust cabs, specifically designed for construction site operations with up to 1.99 m headroom
  • Two cab widths and three cab lengths
  • In the 2300 mm wide cabs, two different engine tunnel heights: 170 mm and 320 mm
  • Different engine tunnel variants or flat floor available
  • Access step flexible in longitudinal and lateral directions
  • Three-part bumper with steel corners to protect against damage
  • Optional grab bar on roof for a firm grip when climbing to check the vehicle load
  • Robust and durable steel suspension for high load-bearing capability and resilience in heavy-duty construction site operations


  • Cabs with a maximum headroom of 1.99 m, of sturdy build for the construction industry
  • Ergonomically designed driver's workstation improves ride and working comfort
  • Enhanced ride and working comfort thanks to ergonomically designed driver workstation
  • Three cockpit variants
  • Comfortable seats with a particularly generously-dimensioned seating area and broad adjustment range
  • Air-controlled heating and ventilation system with residual heat utilisation, optional air conditioning, automatic climate control
  • Hot-water auxiliary heater and auxiliary air conditioning
  • Extensive and individually expandable storage concept with many practical stowage compartments

Technical information

  • 6-cylinder in-line engines in four displacement classes with a total of 18 output levels
  • Four displacement classes, 18 output stages ranging from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp)


  • MirrorCam for improved visibility and even more safety
  • Comprehensive standard-fit safety equipment
  • Lane Keeping Assist,
  • Attention Assist 
  • Proximity Control Assist with stop-and-go function,
  • Active Brake Assist, Sideguard Assist,
  • Traffic Sign Assist
  • Electronic parking brake,
  • Trailer Stability Control Assist
  • MirrorCam for improved visibility and even more safety
  • Additional safety thanks to automatic main beam/low beam/cornering light function
  • LED tail lights
  • Bi-xenon headlamps
  • Front fog lamps


  • Robust and durable steel suspension for high load-bearing capability and resilience in heavy-duty construction site operations
  • 4-bellows air suspension for optimised handling dynamics and ride comfort in predominantly on-road operation
  • Diverse, operations-optimised frame for construction site/off-road operation as well as on-road use
  • 8x6 and 8x8 vehicles with axle load compensation for reduced wear and improved off-road handling
  • Electronic Braking System with integrated continuous brake function, drum and/or disk brakes, hill holder
  • Different operations-oriented all-wheel variants as well as the Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive (HAD) for brief maximum traction when a high payload requires it
  • High ground clearance


The Arocs for loads up to 250 tonnes

The Arocs for loads up to 250 tonnes is a vehicle designed and further developed with a focus on the haulage of exceptionally voluminous and gigantic loads. Beyond that, its cabs offer precisely the working convenience and living comfort necessary in heavy-duty haulage operations. In terms of comfort, vehicle performance and adaptability, the Arocs sets new standards as a heavy-duty truck for loads up to 250 tonnes.


The extensive equipment and model selection offers a suitable vehicle for almost every purpose, whilst also ensuring maximum flexibility and outstanding operational orientation.

The Arocs for loads up to 250 tonnes has a robust, highly resilient drive system that always delivers exactly the power that heavy haulage requires thanks to its powerful, reliable Euro VI engines, PowerShift 3 automated gearshift and turbo retarder clutch. And so that the enormous forces are also reliably applied, the Arocs for loads up to 250 tonnes comes with a high-strength suspension, spring and frame design whose components transfer the power precisely to the ground, even under maximum load.


L cab StreamSpace (2300 mm)

The L cab StreamSpace with a width of 2300 mm is suitable for operations lasting more than a day thanks to its great spaciousness and the impressive stowage space volume it offers, not to mention the standard 2000-mm-long and 750-mm-wide comfort bed. The cab features a flat floor and an engine tunnel which is either 170 mm or 320 mm high. The StreamSpace L cab offers more space and headroom than the ClassicSpace L cab.

BigSpace L cab.

The BigSpace L cab has a flat floor, 1.99 m headroom and is 2500 mm wide, offering plenty of room for mobility and stowage. It is suitable for companies that regularly require overnight accommodation.

Advantages at a glance

  • Powerful 6-cylinder in-line engines adequate for all the demands of heavy-duty transport operation.
  • Rear-mounted cooling system for long engine and retarder operating times
  • Wear-free turbo retarder clutch for pulling away and manoeuvring under extreme loads
  • 16-speed PowerShift 3 automatic transmission
  • Operations-oriented drive programs and selectively engageable drive modes and additional functions
  • Robust rear axles with a load capacity of up to 13 t


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